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RD - Kobayashi Ryo by ElizabethJohan RD - Kobayashi Ryo by ElizabethJohan
//Edit; Changed to the new app//

:iconrabbito-dauto: //So I told myself, no more groups for a while, but what is this?... A Doubt group? And I was a goner//

:bulletred:Name Kobayashi Ryo

:bulletred:Alias Roo-chan

:bulletred:Age 17

:bulletred:Birthday 27. 4.

:bulletred:Gender Male

:bulletred:Height 171cm

:bulletred:Weapon Choice Swiss Army Knife; (includes; knife, bottle opener, corkscrew, screwdriver, nail file)

:bulletred:Opinion On What Is Happening


:bulletred: Kobayashi, Miyu – cousin- Deeply cares for, is (actually) constantly worried about her. Luckily for Ryo, Miyu is more outgoing than him, so he doesn’t have to talk that much. They are always together. Those who do not know that they are cousins spread rumors about them being a couple…

:bulletred: Mother – Has a good relationship with his mother, even though she is worried that something like that accident will happen again. She is happy to have him work around the house

:bulletred: Father- A bit touchy relationship. He is a bit disappointment that Ryo doesn’t want to work with numbers like him.


Likes to keep quiet, usually letting Miyu do the talking, but is quite energetic around his friends. He might seem like he doesn’t care much for others, but he is more of a person who sits quietly, enjoying the presence of others and worries behind their backs. Can be really mule-headed and have pretty explosive temper, but he tries to keep his temper in check, by counting to ten when he becomes angry, because there was an accident when Ryo was ten. He enjoys doing things with his hands, like fiddling with mechanics or even cooking and (ssh!) crocheting, so he usually has something in his hands, be it a phone or a piece of wood he is carving.


:bulletred: + :bulletred: listening, Miyu, handcrafting, the garage, blue and green, Fridays, sour candy
:bulletred: - :bulletred: being away from Miyu, being bored, dark, unnecessary violence, Mondays, yellow, being bored

Ryo’s family lives right next to his aunt’s house, so even though he is an only child, he has always had his cousin to play with. His mother is a stay-at-home mom, while his father is a business man at a small company. Pretty normal and boring life, if it wasn’t for the fact that his cousin is a bit of a troublemaker. During their childhood, Miyu has dragged them into many ‘adventures’ which have led them into trouble, with the one that happened when they were 10 being the most life changing one.

Ryo used to be very loud child, but after his temper got best of him and he attacked a boy for teasing, he really quieted down. He still lets Miyu do whatever she wants with him (includes dressing him in matching outfits) but took a hobby of handcrafting and helping his mother as much as he can with housework. He checks onto the boy every month.

With Miyu dragging him out to socialize, Ryo has been to many, many different cons, as his outgoing cousin seems to love them. Most of the time he has been very bored in them, but in the latest one, something different happened. Both Miyu and him –and others as well? - got messages into their phones, about a game. Miyu was, of course, very excited about it, quickly accepting and after a long while of begging, Ryo accepted it too.


:bulletred: His game alias was chosen by Miyu. Ryo dosn't really like it
:bulletred: even with helping his mother, he is a pretty bad cook. The food is edible, but always tastes the same
:bulletred: had a crush on Miyu when they were young
:bulletred: lets Miyu anything she wants, as long as it is not dangerous
:bulletred: There is an album in his house that is full of pictures in different outfits (with most of them being outfits his cousin put him into). He hates that album with passion.
:bulletred: Miyu is a very pretty girl, and Ryo think so too, but they look very similiar... He isn't sure he likes that// isn't really keen on being mistaken as a girl
:bulletred: The boy he attacked was unconscious for over two years, but woke up. Ryo visits him every month, as the boy has not been let out.
:bulletred:Took up crocheting from an old lady when he saw his mother praising them


//more to be added/edited as time goes//

//I mostly use Skype or Notes to RP//
//Note me your skype name and I will add you~//
//I would love to RP with you guys~//

//Old app;
Just-Anothr-Fan Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
//paps you
yes, I understand the allure of a Rabbit Doubt roleplay group. Let us JOIN TOGETHER AND ENJOY THIS MIRACULOUS DISCOVERY! *glomps*
we must rp~
ElizabethJohan Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist
Yosh! And we will do our best to stay alive discover the Wolf!

Of cource~
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YES! But of COURSE! We MUST find Mister Wolf!
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